Pistol Grip Tool

The Pistol Grip Tool (PGT) is a NiMh battery-operated, programmable tool used in space to tighten and loosen various types of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. This unique tool was designed for use by the astronauts during EVA activities. The PGT is a self-contained, micro-processor controlled, battery-powered, hand-held tool. It also can be used as a non-powered ratchet wrench. The PGT's micro-processor can be programmed to control limits for torque, speed, number of turns and angle. The Pistol Grip Tool software is used to fetch and program the tool's torque/revolutions, speed, and setting-independent tables; monitor the tool's status; and fetch and erase the tool's event log, a detailed record of operations performed by the tool during Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA).

SRI acquired and tested various cell models to be used in this device. Once the initial cell selection was made, extensive cell testing was completed on the selected model. All cells were acceptance tested before being assembled into packs.


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